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Logo; JASNA MD Adaptable Austen

The winter program for JASNA MD was all about Austen in film. We invited film experts Linda DeLibero and Christopher Llewlyn Reed to talk about how Hollywood has presented Pride and Prejudice through the years.  The Adaptable Austen no md

JASNA Winter 14 Save the date Adaptable Tote

Logo and applications for JASNA MD's winter program, the Adaptable Austen

Logo and applications for JASNA MD’s winter program, the Adaptable Austen


Cover: Baltimore Shakespeare Factory Richard III

I worked on the promotional artwork for the Shakespeare Factory’s 2014 Season. Here’s the cover for Richard III, the first show of the season. Richard program cover3 no cropWe also did post cards…

Richard PC 3-6 front2 crop copy Richard PC 3-6 Back2 copy… and coasters that were given out to local pubs.

Coaser Cover FRONT finalShakespeare coaster Main season Green gold

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Logo: JASNA 2016 Annual General Meeting Logo

In 2016 the big national meeting will be held in Washington DC and I was honored to design the conference logo. AGM 2016 New Logo rev6 pumpkin copy

We went through several design concepts before coming up with winner (above). I particularly liked these runner ups…

Emma logo2 copy

Cut out emma logo copy

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T-Shirt Design for JASNA MD

JASNA circle logo new

Pride and Prejudice Icons

In my sister blog  did  a series of character studies in the week leading up to Pride and Prejudice’s 200th anniversary on Jan. 28th. I thought I’d share the silhouette icons I made on this site.Happy 200th P&PI adapted the scanned in the silhouettes from Silhouettes A Pictorial Archive of Varied Illustrations by Carol Belanger Grafton  (a Dover Publication). Then I worked with them in Photoshop,  adapting them so they represented each P&P major character.

Mary & Kitty 1Mary and Kitty was my first Character study and I really liked the touch of negative space in Mary’s glasses, so I decided to add that to the following silos. Kitty gets a ruffled collar in the final collage.  Mary and Kitty are the two least defined sisters, so I kept their silos simple and little humble.

Lady Cath and CaroLady Cather and Caroline are both pompous creatures so I gave them lots of plumage in their head-gear. (Something I had to moderate when I did the collage for the final post — see the last image.)

Charlotte & CollinsCharlotte and Collins need to show contrast. Charlotte is sensible and modest with her simple hairstyle and respectable bow. Collins is silly and talkative. He couldn’t even keep his mouth shut while his likeness was being captured. I love her downcast glaze and the hint of a clerical collar at his neck.

Mr. and Mrs. BennetI admit… Mr. and Mrs. Bennet were a bit of challenge. I kept making Mr. Bennet look too much like George Washington!

PrintLydia and Wickham needed to be young and flirty (I love her little hat pin and feathers). He’s dashing in his uniform, she’s pert and pretty.

BINGLEY AND JANEAwww… Bingley and Jane. What’s not to love. The challenge here was making Jane beautiful, but reserved (almost distant) and not as interesting as Lizzie.

LIZZIE AND DARCYLizzie and Darcy. Here I tried to show both tension and attraction. I think Lizzie definitely has sass in this silo. I love how she’s leaning into him, ready to challenge his notion of a perfect woman.

And put them all together and you get…PRIDE AND PREJUDICE SILO COLLAGE


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Cover Design ARRIVE Summer 09

Here’s a cover I did for the Summer ’09 issue of ARRIVE. I like how “cool” it feels. I also like the block type treatment in the cover lines.

The magazine does a great job in bringing cultural, fun, travel, foodie, & style articles to regional readers. You should check out the M-D ARRIVE Facebook page here.

Cover Design ARRIVE Sept 09

I designed this cover for  the September ’09 issue of Mason-Dixon ARRIVE Magazine. I wrote the Philadelphia cover story and took this photo for the article. It’s the Todd House Garden, as in Dolly Todd Madison. So this hits on a lot of levels for me… history, gardening, travel…

The magazine does a great job in bringing cultural, fun, travel, foodie, & style articles to regional readers. You should check out the M-D ARRIVE Facebook page here.